About the Blog

At the heart of Anyday Blessings is my desire to encourage thankful living in others. So that will obviously be a focus on my blog. However, over the course of sharing in other platforms, I’ve learned that practical helps in the areas of motherhood, homemaking, homeschooling and budgeting are really valued. I sure have benefited from other ladies who have taken the time to share what they are doing in their homes. In the interest of helping one of you, and to pay it forward for all those who helped me, here I am!

What You Can Expect to Find Here

  • On my “Thankful to Learn” page you can read about spiritual lessons learned and blessings experience by our family. I’m going to share what I call Blessing Bites often to give you something to chew on during your day. Sometimes neither one of us will have much time for a blog article, so just a little thought will do.
  • The “Grateful to Teach” page is dedicated to our adventures in homeschooling and family life.
  • On the “Privilege to Share” page you’ll find all my tips for time and income management (both saving and making money). My “Save Mama Time” posts will be short, like the Blessing Bites, to give you quick ideas that you can implement right away. I figure if you need to save time, you probably don’t want to spend a whole lot of your time reading how to save time. Am I right?