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Loving Lilla Rose – Here’s How I Use It

When I’m counting my blessings, I can’t forget to count Lilla Rose. The family of ladies I get to work with is beyond compare and I am so thankful the Lord has used LR to provide what we need each month. What a blessing to find a LEGIT work from home option that is actually flexible around my family’s ever-changing schedule. And I have to say – I am just having fun! Here are some of the cute things I have come up with as I play with me and my daughter’s hair:

The best thing about these and all the style ideas on my website is that they take seconds to do and the clips/pins stay put through the day! I’ve also been finding other non-hair ways to use these pretties as I share them with more ladies. Have you seen the side gather with LuLaRoe Carly shirts? I know you have seen infinity scarves everywhere – check out the flexi clip on a scarf! And I am still learning, so stay tuned. Here are some of the styles other stylists have shared and I plan to try next:

The styling is fun, but the financial blessing Lilla Rose has brought to our home is undeniable. I have shared with you before about how I found Lilla Rose, but this month, I had to share again. Why? Because if any of you are looking at this pictures, think this sounds fun and need some extra income, I’d love to help you snag this opportunity during a promotion month. During January, you can become a Lilla Rose stylist for only $99 ($26 savings). In addition, LR is offering double hostess rewards during January, so you can get twice the goodies during your launch. I hope that reading this will be a blessing to someone who needs to find some way to bring in extra income. It has often been an anyday blessing to our family. If you’d like to contact me personally to ask more, please feel free to do so.

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