Time to Pick the Curriculum || 4th Grade Choices Revealed

It’s the most exciting (or terrifying!) time of the year for a homeschool mom – curriculum picking time! If you would like to see a video of all my 4th Grade Curriculum picks, head over to this YouTube video. If you want to see flip-through reviews of a particular subject, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and look around there. Please feel free to reach out in the comments if you have specific questions about the curriculum.

Our 50 States - Elementary U.S. Geography Curriculum

You will see that some of my beloved favorites, like Notgrass History, Memoria Press lit guides and Master Books, have made the list again this year. These are the “spines” we’ll use, but we always love to add spur-of-the-moment projects, field trips and library books to the mix. Here is what we will start our 4th grade year with in the fall of 2020:

Godโ€™s Design for Life from Master Books

BJU Press Math 4
Math Antics videos (YouTube)

History (Civics focus)
Notgrass Uncle Sam and You

Memoria Press lit guides (The Moffats and Dangerous Journey)
BJU BookLinks – The Case of the Dognapped Cat
Evan Moor Reading 4

Language Arts
BJU Press English 4 with Distance Learning Videos
IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating

BJU Press Spelling 4 with Distance Learning Videos

Song School Spanish 1 & 2

Daily Geography 4

EXL Workbook 2

Memoria Press Music Enrichment
Hymns for a Kid’s Heart Vol. 1
Yellow Spot Sun – Drawing Americana
Family Time Fitness videos


Abeka Health

Memoria Press

Phew! That looks like a lot when I list it all out…but in reality it feels really manageable and enjoyable. We won’t do all these subjects daily. I plan to share my daily schedule and example lessons LIVE, so be sure to follow me on YouTube. I also plan to give you timestamped photos on Instagram from our school day so you can get a feel for the flow of things.

Did we pick any of the same things? Did you discover anything new from our choices? I look forward to hearing all about it in the comments!

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Memoria Press

Notgrass History Takes You There